Chromium Plate Target

Chromium Plate Target
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Chromium Plate Target, Chrome Target is our regular product with high density, fine equal-fine grain, no impurities, no pores, no composition segregation, good isotropy and quatity coating .
Chrome target is produced by using the hot isostatic pressing (HIP).

Pure Metal:Ti, Ni, Zr, Cr, Al, Cu etc. The purity is from 3N to 5N.
Alloyt Metal:Al-Ti Alloy, Zr-Ti Alloy, Ni-Ti Alloy, V7- Ni Alloy, Ni10-Mo Alloy, Zr10-Ni Alloy, Si10-Ti Alloy, Ru-Al Alloy, W10-Ta Alloy, Al10-Si etc.
Applied RealmDecorative Coating, Hardened Coating
Architectural and Automotive Glass Coating
Semiconductor & Electronics
Photovoltaic & Energy Related