Why Choose Us

Our visions:
Create a manufacturing industry titanium material quality Chinese run by private capital first brand.
Our missions:
With raise titanium material to synthesize competition ability and industry level for oneself to allow, be absorbed in titanium metal product of manufacturing and service is the economic development of China to contribute strength.
Our aims:
Create to be worth of for customer, create a welfare for employee and win profits for business enterprise.
Our spirits:
Is united at heart to create together, together put together a share.
The core value:
Guest's door: The heart that creates special value for the customer is constant for 100 years.
Member work: It's constant for 100 years to achieve the employee's heart.
Matter industry: It's constant for 100 years to achieve the heart of big industry.
Regiment brigade: There is no perfect individual, only have perfect team.
Feeling boon: Take feeling grateful as glory to take ingratitude as a disgrace.

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